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Juxta-Switching Figure Drawings (Original & Fanart)
[Juxta-Switching] Hero Icarus and Kid of Time by LadyJuxtaposition
[Juxta-Switching] Mishap Before the Brawl by LadyJuxtaposition
:star: Juxta-Switching: An action or process in which two different characters either swap outfits, weaponry or abilities, or anything that allow them to be out-of-character or cosplay as each other, or perhaps both depending on the context. This mostly happens when a fanartist had completely lost his/her mind, or attempted to settle his/her ongoing curiosity.

:bulletblack: Pricing applies between an Achromatic Line/Shade Drawing and a Chromatic Colored Drawing.

:bulletblack: NOTE me the two characters you wanted see "juxta-switched" along with other important details I would need to know (epseically for the OCs and other characters I may be not familiar of. Remember, Knowledge is POWER). 

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D

*This commission info will be advised*
Fanart/Original Characters: Detailed Sketch
Point Commish: Garland Levitan from SoDaL by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Medium --> Graphite drawing pencils with a little digital touch-up

:bulletblack: Choice of Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 

:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please)
Also, please mention if you want only a line drawing or a shade drawing 

:bulletblack: Extra payment of +25 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D
Fanart/Original Characters: Achromatic Line/Shade Drawing
Bartz, the REAL Mime by LadyJuxtaposition
Contest Prize: Professor Hojo Lineart by LadyJuxtaposition
2013 Color Page: The Snow Came Down by LadyJuxtaposition
Seraphim210's OC Hexen lineart by LadyJuxtaposition
2013 Color Page: Lady of Holly Poinsettias by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Art Medium --> Ink Pens and Charcoal pencils / sticks with a little digital touch-up
:bulletblack: Your choice of a Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 
:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please)
Also, please mention if you want only a line drawing or a shade drawing 
:bulletblack: Extra payment of +50 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D

Fanart/Original Characters: Chromatic Colored Drawing
Cecil Harvey's Request: CloseFriends Kain and Rosa by LadyJuxtaposition
JTC VIII Sandra Sands ~colored sketch~ by LadyJuxtaposition
Geomone Twins: Kuja and Tyra Arisa by LadyJuxtaposition
Art Trade: Aerith Summons Holy by LadyJuxtaposition
Tidus' Request: Him and His Summoner Yuna by LadyJuxtaposition
Final Fantasy Dissidia 014: Juxtaposition Theory by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Art Medium --> Colored Pencils and pastels, and other various materials ex. gel pens, with a little digital touch-up
:bulletblack: Your choice of Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 
:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please) 
:bulletblack: Extra payment of +75 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D

Newest Deviations


Within here you will wonder about through deviations conceived from the minds of an aspiring artist.

Feel free to explore!

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My favorite pieces. . . most of them are from my watchers and other great artists on Deviantart! :D




Amanda Hampe
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States

I'm an artist with talent and skill inside of her.
I love to draw anytime; rain or shine or in the clouds of boredness.
I'm a kind of girl who loves to do mixed media attempts, espeically with eye shadow make-up.
I have a crazy imaginative mind that leads me to more stories and random ideas.
I keep an open mind at times and trying things that are new to me, like painting and digital art.
I am always known with my saying, "I may be strange to you, but that's the way I am."
I leave you now with my final greeting, "Keep on drawing!" :D


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:love: :heart: MY OTPs (One-True-Pairs) LIST! :heart: :love:
*This list is getting longer man!*

Final Fantasy OTPs (with OCs):

:bulletred: FFII: Emperor Mateus x Hilda (for my OC Lily)
:bulletred: FFIV: Cecil x Rosa (for my OC Luna); Rydia x Edge
:bulletred: FFVII: Zack x Aerith; Cloud x Tifa; Cid x Shera; Vincent x Lucerica (for my OC Lucaria); Valenwind (Cid x Vincent, my first Yaoi pairing!)
:bulletred: FFVIII: Squall x Rinoa (a forced canon but they are good together, and one of my OCs is their future daughter); Quistis x Irvine; Selphie x Irvine (seriously, Irvine can date all girls; he's much as a bloody pimp as Bartz!); Laguna x Raine (b/c of Squall); Laguna x Kiros (...just happened by accident)
:bulletred: FFIX: Zidane x Garnet; Vivi x Quinoa; Steiner x Beatrix
:bulletred: FFX: Tidus x Yuna; Wakka x Lulu; Auron x ??? (he needs to get a woman, or a man ;) )
:bulletred: FFXIII: Lightning x Caius; Snow x Serah
:bulletred: Dissidia: Warrior of Light x Cosmos; Emperor Mateus x Ultimecia; Cloud of Darkness x Exdeath; Jecht x Kuja; Terra x Onion Knight; Laguna x Cloud of Darkness; Firion x Lightning; Bartz x Squall
:bulletred: FF OCs/OCs x FF: Randi Sin x Tyra Arisa; Randi Sin x Yuna; Lily x Minwu; Lily x Mephistopheles; Mephistopheles x Sephiroth; Marisa x Bartz or Gilgamesh; Amanda x Firion

Nintendo OTPs (with OCs possibly):

:bulletred: Super Smash Bros: Mario x Peach; Link x Zelda; Link x Pit; Marth x Roy; Marth x Ike (Marth is very feminine and strong); Samus Aran x Snake; Little Mac x Female Wii Trainer
:bulletred: Super Mario Bros: Mario x Peach; Luigi x Daisy; Mario x Yoshi (as companions)
:bulletred: Legend of Zelda: Link x Zelda; Link x Ruto (b/c of Zora's Sapphire in Ocarina of Time); Ravio x Hilda; Link x Ravio
:bulletred: Kirby Series: Kirby x Ribbon (Kirby 64 TCS)
:bulletred: Star Fox: Fox x Krystal; Falco x Katt; Slippy x Amanda (not me, official character in Command)
:bulletred: Kid Icarus (Uprising): Pit x Dark Pit; Pit x Palutena (mother-son); Magnus x Gaol; Hades x Pandora; Medusa x Pandora
:bulletred: Nintendo OCs/OCs x Nintendo: Still pending...


Current Status (updated 05/24/14):

Trades - Closed by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Gifts - Closed by SweetDuke ACEOs - Closed by SweetDuke
No Collaborations by SweetDuke No Commissions by SweetDuke No Kiribans by SweetDuke

:bulletred: Closings are due to the possible busyness I will have regarding of school work (during the summer), real life events such as driving, and art-related projects on Deviantart and Eyes on Final Fantasy. I will let you know if I am open for anything. :)

:bulletblack: I'm sorry my friends, the kiriban part is a little complicated for me to understand. And I had no idea how to set it up (if I do, then maybe I would consider hosting it).

:bulletblack: Do have a PayPal account, but will need to prove my identity. Thus, no commisions… yet. I will still accept art trades and points if they are open.



My Current Art Projects (updated 05/24/14):

Key Legend:

0% Complete by SimplySilent / No Star = 0-24% Completion
:bulletblack: Had not started on the artwork yet
:bulletblack: Still rough drafting ideas
:bulletblack: Reached process of transfering onto quality drawing paper

25% Complete by SimplySilent / :star: = 25-49% Completion
:bulletblue: Artwork is transfered
:bulletblue: Lines are revised and inked

50% Complete by SimplySilent / :star::star: = 50-74% Completion
:bulletred: Pencil marks are erased; artwork is clean
:bulletred: Coloring/Shading stage is reached

75% Complete by SimplySilent / :star::star::star: = 75-99% Completion
:bulletgreen: Started on background (if mentioned/wanted)
:bulletgreen: Finishing the final touches

100% Complete! by SimplySilent / :star::star::star::star: = 100% Completion
:bulletblack: Artwork is DONE!
:bulletblack: Artwork will soon be posted
:bulletblack: A NOTE/comment will be sent to reminder requester/winner OR deviant's name will be mentioned under artwork description.

Requests, Art Trades, Commissions, and Contest Winners:

1) :iconneo-redranger: No Star Yet = 24% Completion
Special Requested a holiday erotica scene of Neo Red Ranger x Sailor Jupiter. Already mentioned the rough sketch.
0% Complete by SimplySilent
2) :iconjman023: :star::star: = 50% Completion
Requested a conceptual figure drawing of his FFXIII OC Syrus "Fire" Farron; lnked lines completed
50% Complete by SimplySilent
3) :iconnitrogoblin: No Star Yet = 0% Completion
Requested a battle action scene between her Megaman OC Sclera and Skytric Zenkai.
0% Complete by SimplySilent
4) :iconvasilina-the-dragon: No Star Yet = 0% Completion
Third Place Winner Achromatic Drawing of Caius and Lightning, or FF/KH character
Will need to NOTE me for the prize.
0% Complete by SimplySilent

Deviantart-Related Projects and Contests:

None at the moment

Personal Art Projects:

1) NovaEmpressAmillenia's Dissida 021 OCs
A) Currently Working On --> Rei, the Jewel Summoner and Cosmos Summoner of Firion
Status: No Star Yet = 22% Completion
0% Complete by SimplySilent
B) Soon be Working On --> Shirou, the Martial Artist and Cosmos Summoner of Cecil Harvey
Status: No Star Yet = 0%
0% Complete by SimplySilent


Current Residence: Batavia
Favourite genre of music: Everything, except rap
Favourite style of art: Manga/anime, Still life, Realism, Mixed Media
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Shell of choice: Spiral
Wallpaper of choice: Dragon designs
Skin of choice: Just peach
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob Squarepants
Personal Quote: "I may be strange to you, but that's the way I am."
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Super Smash Bros Brawl Trophy Gallery
  • Drinking: Classic Cup of Coffee with Cream
Man, it's been six years since I first started on deviantART, so where do I even begin?

I guess I should start off by informing the readers how I got on this site in the first place. It started about six years ago. My cousin, who is known as Parchife formally TopHatHedgie, introduced me to deviantART and since then I got hooked. I was formally Latias413 because during that time I was in great interest of Pokémon fandom and works, and Latias was one of my favorite legendary Pokémon in the third generation. Throughout the years I produced original works and fanarts to share with the community. I was very new to deviantART in the early years, so I didn't knew what to expect, like receiving llama badges, watch notications, joining clubs and participate in contests, etc. Mostly I get excited from anyone who likes and appreciated the work I did, and having fans alone had helped me to maintain and improve my work, and I persisted ever since.

Looking back from my old works and juxtapose them with my recent new ones, the improvement and the creatively and perhaps something else I cannot think of right now are distinguishable. In other words, they are easily noticed. I have better use of color and attention to details. I slightly but definitely improved on proportion and human anatomy. More practice is always needed, but I always get a great headstart. I also showed my other fandom interests, like Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus, Super Smash Bros, etc. I had come up with crazy ideas like the Juxtaposition Theory and the concept of "Juxta-Switching". I should note that the word is my obsession and the main source of my works, and thus was the reason I changed my deviantART persona to LadyJuxtaposition. I made a lot of original characters to the point that I will never be alone in my imaginary world, and that itself made me happy.

So, this brings to the question which is the journal prompt: "How has deviantART helped you grow as an individual and/or as an artist?" The answer couldn't have been more obvious than it has. DeviantART, along with Facebook and Tumblr, had helped me share my artworks around the world from the comfort of my home, and with feedback and support from my watchers and fans inspired me to try something new and just surprise them over the innovations. They liked and appreciated my works and I always get immediate comments, even if they were small ones. Those were always appreciated. DeviantART had also helped me to explore different kinds of work, to see who are the artists, writers, animators, cosplayers, and craftspeople and their works, and for me personally, to become my one-stop store for image shopping when searching for references and inspiration. Most importantly, this site made me realized my talents and skills that motivated me to produce more works with improvements and innovations. As long I got fans who bestowed me their support with their comments, faves, and mentions, I continue forth expressing myself as an individual artist/fanartist until  the end of time.

As I leave you readers my self-art feature, Happy 14th Birthday deviantART. Thank you for the best six years and the many years more in the future. Always keep on Drawing and never stop! :D 

Works from 2008-2010

These are the works from my humble beginnings. It's the start of my artistic journey to self discovery and expression, along with fandoms. I tried numerous mediums and styles to explore my artistic voice, discover my options and determine my goals to achieve. In all frankness, they are not better than the works after them, basically because of the personal experience I had gained. But since I now looked back at them, it is amazing for me to see how much I improved in the past six years and how far I came from.

Girl From Another Planet by LadyJuxtaposition
Amanda Panda by LadyJuxtaposition
Staraptor and Junior by LadyJuxtaposition
Jigglypuff as Pokemon Idol by LadyJuxtaposition
My Cellphone by LadyJuxtaposition
Two Kokopellies by LadyJuxtaposition
Chocolate Lady by LadyJuxtaposition
Emma and Lindsey by LadyJuxtaposition
The Hydra by LadyJuxtaposition
Dark Link Fanart Portrait by LadyJuxtaposition
Zoraline and Featherdew by LadyJuxtaposition
Fichu Floraleaf by LadyJuxtaposition
Symbolic Dragon by LadyJuxtaposition
SPRING IS HERE by LadyJuxtaposition
Easter Greeting 2010 by LadyJuxtaposition
Pirate Nellie from Gaia by LadyJuxtaposition

Works from 2011-2012

In a two-year timeframe, most of my works were fandoms of the Final Fantasy series, specifically Final Fantasy VII and Dissidia. Those games had generated rough drafting of the Juxtaposition Theory and the creation of numerous original characters, like the creative explorer Kirby Ribbon and the One-Winged-Demon Mephistopheles. In addition to the fanarts, I also tried photography and painting with a hint of mixed media. I took art classes in community college to maintain my drawing skills as much as I can. I was still in the stage of exploring and discovering my artistic potential, but it was at this point that I had an idea of what I want to do.

Concealing Chain by LadyJuxtaposition
Backyard Tree by LadyJuxtaposition
DJ SHOWDOWN at 7th Heaven by LadyJuxtaposition
Two Painted Vincent Pumpkins by LadyJuxtaposition
Mr Ghosty and the Artist by LadyJuxtaposition
A FFVII AC Christmas Tree by LadyJuxtaposition
Cloud and Zack friend portrait by LadyJuxtaposition
Drag's Favorite Reds by LadyJuxtaposition
The Valentine Family Bloodline by LadyJuxtaposition
The Florist, Our Guardian by LadyJuxtaposition
Welcoming Spring: Tifa x Aerith by LadyJuxtaposition
Reductive Study: The Stools 1 by LadyJuxtaposition
3 Object and 4 Technique Studies by LadyJuxtaposition
JTC III - The Creative Logic Challenger by LadyJuxtaposition
JTC VI - The Un-Possessed Jester by LadyJuxtaposition
JTC VII - Intervene: One-Winged Demon by LadyJuxtaposition
Entering Infrareds - Monochroamtic Composition by LadyJuxtaposition
Paparazzi Shot: Cloud, Tifa, Denzel, and Marlene by LadyJuxtaposition
Paparazzi Shot: Cecil, Rosa, and Ceodore by LadyJuxtaposition
Let's Garland the GARLAND! :D by LadyJuxtaposition

Works from 2013

A year ago, I decided I want to pursue a career as an illustrator and character creator. I have so much different characters and environments in mind, and I just put them on paper. Whether it's a rough sketch or a full colored drawing, my ideas were expressed effectively in a visual manner. I continue to practice drawing, coloring, and expressing my current fandom in fanarts, now from different Final Fantasy games. I partake in art trades and requests to persist my interests, and the people who requested me or do art trades with me were never disappointed. I got involved in art contests and enjoyed every one I entered. Those works here were much improved than my older works, obviously because of the practice and experience. With new watchers and supporters I obtained, I continue drawing like there is no tomorrow.   

Valentine's Day Romance: Firion and Lightning by LadyJuxtaposition
Bartz as Kirby: BATTLE FIRE WITH ICE!! by LadyJuxtaposition
Cecil Harvey's Request: CloseFriends Kain and Rosa by LadyJuxtaposition
Dissidia Viginti Unus 021 Final Fantasy Book Cover by LadyJuxtaposition
The Most Unlikeliest Crossover... by LadyJuxtaposition
Swordfight: Inuyasha VS Hiro by LadyJuxtaposition
HollowedAngel's OC Raynan: FINAL by LadyJuxtaposition
Geomone Twins: Kuja and Tyra Arisa by LadyJuxtaposition
JTC 859: Juxtaposers Resting on Dissidia Fields by LadyJuxtaposition
JTC Cast: Breast Cancer Awareness Month by LadyJuxtaposition
Halloween Masquerade Party @ Ultimecia's Castle by LadyJuxtaposition
Landon's Fireworks by LadyJuxtaposition

Works from 2014

And now, here I am, six years later. I had come from a long way and learned more of my potential artistic abilities, and I am not stopping there and never planned to. As long the motivated inspiration is in tact, I shall continue contributing my artworks to the art community and spreading the creativity to everyone.  The works below are fanarts in association of the Final Fantasy series and Nintendo games, like Super Smash Bros and Kid Icarus Uprising. I also put my "Juxta-Switching" concept to the test through cosplay and switching personas. I would predict that more works of this concept will come soon for I have numerous people in mind. 

Terra and Destiny: Responding Threat from Shadow by LadyJuxtaposition
Hatred Rivialry: Kefka VS Richtofen by LadyJuxtaposition
Garnet's Birthday Celebration by LadyJuxtaposition
Point Commish: Garland Levitan from SoDaL by LadyJuxtaposition
Caius x Lightning: Launching into Battle by LadyJuxtaposition
Dissidia Warriors Cosplaying Kid Icarus by LadyJuxtaposition
[Juxta-Switching] Hero Icarus and Kid of Time by LadyJuxtaposition
Pit in a Pretty Dress by LadyJuxtaposition
[Juxta-Switching] Mishap Before the Brawl by LadyJuxtaposition
TRR Theme: Eyes on Final Fantasy by LadyJuxtaposition
Mamma-Mia! It-A Super Final Smash-a! by LadyJuxtaposition
Final Cinematics: Aeris Face by LadyJuxtaposition

 End of Self-Art Feature. Hope you enjoyed browsing and viewing! :D

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