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Juxta-Switching Figure Drawings (Original & Fanart)
[Juxta-Switching] Hero Icarus and Kid of Time by LadyJuxtaposition
[Juxta-Switching] Mishap Before the Brawl by LadyJuxtaposition
:star: Juxta-Switching: An action or process in which two different characters either swap outfits, weaponry or abilities, or anything that allow them to be out-of-character or cosplay as each other, or perhaps both depending on the context. This mostly happens when a fanartist had completely lost his/her mind, or attempted to settle his/her ongoing curiosity.

:bulletblack: Pricing applies between an Achromatic Line/Shade Drawing and a Chromatic Colored Drawing.

:bulletblack: NOTE me the two characters you wanted see "juxta-switched" along with other important details I would need to know (epseically for the OCs and other characters I may be not familiar of. Remember, Knowledge is POWER). 

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D

*This commission info will be advised*
Fanart/Original Characters: Detailed Sketch
Point Commish: Garland Levitan from SoDaL by LadyJuxtaposition
PC: Conflict Against Heartless Darksides (DPS) by LadyJuxtaposition
Xenoblade Chronicles sketch 8 by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Medium --> Graphite drawing pencils with a little digital touch-up

:bulletblack: Choice of Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 

:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please)
Also, please mention if you want only a line drawing or a shade drawing 

:bulletblack: Extra payment of +25 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D
Fanart/Original Characters: Achromatic Line/Shade Drawing
Bartz, the REAL Mime by LadyJuxtaposition
Contest Prize: Professor Hojo Lineart by LadyJuxtaposition
2013 Color Page: The Snow Came Down by LadyJuxtaposition
Seraphim210's OC Hexen lineart by LadyJuxtaposition
2013 Color Page: Lady of Holly Poinsettias by LadyJuxtaposition
PC: Yogi Bear Meets Kid Icarus (ALSD) by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Art Medium --> Ink Pens and Charcoal pencils / sticks with a little digital touch-up
:bulletblack: Your choice of a Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 
:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please)
Also, please mention if you want only a line drawing or a shade drawing 
:bulletblack: Extra payment of +50 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D

Fanart/Original Characters: Chromatic Colored Drawing
Cecil Harvey's Request: CloseFriends Kain and Rosa by LadyJuxtaposition
JTC VIII Sandra Sands ~colored sketch~ by LadyJuxtaposition
Geomone Twins: Kuja and Tyra Arisa by LadyJuxtaposition
Tidus' Request: Him and His Summoner Yuna by LadyJuxtaposition
Final Fantasy Dissidia 014: Juxtaposition Theory by LadyJuxtaposition
AT: Pitcest Hot Springs by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Art Medium --> Colored Pencils and pastels, and other various materials ex. gel pens, with a little digital touch-up
:bulletblack: Your choice of Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 
:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please) 
:bulletblack: Extra payment of +75 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D

Newest Deviations

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Within here you will wonder about through deviations conceived from the minds of an aspiring artist.

Feel free to explore!

:iconthanks4favs1::iconthanks4favs2: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinbraiN Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo



My favorite pieces. . . most of them are from my watchers and other great artists on Deviantart! :D

CURRENT ART PROJECTS (updated 07/28/15)


Key Legend:

0% Complete by SimplySilent / No Star = 0-24% Completion

:bulletblack: Had not started on the artwork yet
:bulletblack: Still rough drafting ideas
:bulletblack: Reached process of transfering onto quality drawing paper

25% Complete by SimplySilent / :star: = 25-49% Completion

:bulletblue: Artwork is transfered
:bulletblue: Lines are revised and inked

50% Complete by SimplySilent / :star::star: = 50-74% Completion

:bulletred: Pencil marks are erased; artwork is clean
:bulletred: Coloring/Shading stage is reached

75% Complete by SimplySilent / :star::star::star: = 75-99% Completion

:bulletgreen: Started on background (if mentioned/wanted)
:bulletgreen: Finishing the final touches
:bulletgreen: Digital editing process reached

100% Complete! by SimplySilent / :star::star::star::star: = 100% Completion

:bulletblack: Artwork is DONE!
:bulletblack: Artwork will soon be posted
:bulletblack: A NOTE/comment will be sent to reminder requester/winner OR deviant's name will be mentioned under artwork description.


Commissions and Contest Prizes

1) :iconvasilina-the-dragon: No Star Yet = 0% Completion
Third Place Winner Achromatic Drawing of Caius and Lightning, or FF/KH character
Will need to NOTE me for the prize.
0% Complete by SimplySilent
2) :iconfoxsatton: No Star Yet = 24% Completion
Point Commissioned CHD Drawing of Little Mac and Wii Fit Trainer (female) in a "Juxta-Switched" scenario. No spoilers this time, want this to be a surprise. ;)
Preliminary sketch created; Payment not yet received
0% Complete by SimplySilent

Art Trades and Requests

1) :iconneo-redranger: No Star Yet = 24% Completion
Special Requested a holiday erotica scene of Neo Red Ranger x Sailor Jupiter. Already mentioned the rough sketch.
0% Complete by SimplySilent
2) :iconjman023: :star::star: = 50% Completion
Requested a conceptual figure drawing of his FFXIII OC Syrus "Fire" Farron; lnked lines completed
50% Complete by SimplySilent

Deviantart-Related Projects and Contests:

None at the moment

Personal Art Projects:

1) NovaEmpressAmillenia's Dissida 021 OCs
A) Currently Working On --> Rei, the Jewel Summoner and Cosmos Summoner of Firion
Status: No Star Yet = 22% Completion
0% Complete by SimplySilent
B) Soon be Working On --> Shirou, the Martial Artist and Cosmos Summoner of Cecil Harvey
Status: No Star Yet = 0%
0% Complete by SimplySilent

<3 MY OTPs (One-True-Pairs) LIST! <3

:love: :heart: *This list is getting longer man!* :heart: :love:

Final Fantasy OTPs (with OCs):

:bulletred: FFII: Firion x Maria; Firion x Lelia; Firion x Minwu; Minwu x Hilda; Emperor Mateus x Hilda (for my OC Lily)
:bulletred: FFIV: Cecil x Rosa (for my OC Luna); Rydia x Edge; Edward x Anna
:bulletred: FFVII: Zack x Aerith; Cloud x Tifa; Cid x Shera; Vincent x Lucerica (for my OC Lucaria); Valenwind (Cid x Vincent, my first Yaoi pairing!); Drenzel x Marlene; Tsegi x Elena; Cloud x Zack; Sephiroth x Genesis; Angeal x Genesis
:bulletred: FFVIII: Squall x Rinoa (a forced canon but they are good together, and one of my OCs is their future daughter); Quistis x Irvine; Selphie x Irvine (seriously, Irvine can date all girls; he's much as a bloody pimp as Bartz!); Laguna x Raine (b/c of Squall); Laguna x Kiros (...just happened by accident)
:bulletred: FFIX: Zidane x Garnet; Vivi x Quinoa; Steiner x Beatrix; Ruby x Blank
:bulletred: FFX: Tidus x Yuna; Wakka x Lulu; Auron x ??? (he needs to get a woman, or a man ;) )
:bulletred: FFXIII: Lightning x Caius; Snow x Serah; Lightning x Hope; Noel x Serah
:bulletred: Dissidia: Warrior of Light x Cosmos; Emperor Mateus x Ultimecia; Cloud of Darkness x Exdeath; Jecht x Kuja; Terra x Onion Knight; Laguna x Cloud of Darkness; Firion x Lightning; Firion x Tidus; Cecil x Firion; Bartz x Squall; Cloud x Terra; Vaan x Terra; Goblez x Kain; Cecil x Kain
:bulletred: FF OCs/OCs x FF: Randi Sin x Tyra Arisa; Randi Sin x Yuna; Lily x Minwu; Lily x Mephistopheles; Mephistopheles x Sephiroth; Emperor Mateus x Mephistopheles; Marisa x Bartz or Gilgamesh; Amanda x Firion; Firion x Lily; Kuja x Amanda; Kirby Ribbon x Onion Knight

Nintendo OTPs (with OCs possibly):

:bulletred: Super Smash Bros: Mario x Peach; Link x Zelda; Link x Pit; Marth x Roy; Marth x Ike (Marth is very feminine and strong); Samus Aran x Snake; Little Mac x Female Wii Trainer; Little Mac x Samus Aran; Lucina X Robin; Shulk x Robin (both genders); Kirby x Jigglypuff; Kirby x Luma; Meta Knight x Lucina; Lucina x Pit; Pit x Dark Pit; Palutena x Rosalina; Link x Palutena
:bulletred: Super Mario Bros: Mario x Peach; Luigi x Daisy; Mario x Yoshi (as companions); Toad x Toadette
:bulletred: Legend of Zelda: Link x Zelda; Link x Ruto (b/c of Zora's Sapphire in Ocarina of Time); Link x Malon; Ravio x Hilda; Link x Ravio; Link x Tetra; Link x Midna; Renado x Telma; Yeto x Yeta; Colin x Beth; Link x Illa
:bulletred: Kirby Series: Kirby x Ribbon (Kirby 64 TCS)
:bulletred: Star Fox: Fox x Krystal; Falco x Katt; Krystal x Panther; Slippy x Amanda (not me, official character in Command)
:bulletred: Kid Icarus (Uprising): Pit x Dark Pit; Pit x Palutena (mother-son); Pit x Viridi; Magnus x Gaol; Hades x Pandora; Medusa x Pandora
:bulletred: Xenoblade Chronicles: Shulk x Fiora; Reyn x Sharla; Ewan x Martyona; Dunban x Melia; Shulk x Melia; Shulk x Alvis; Riki x Oka; Riki x Reyn (AS FRIENDS!); Riki x Melia; Pelupelu x Miko; Zarkkort x Bozatrox; Zanza x Meyneth???
:bulletred: Fire Emblem: Marth x Shiida; Chrom x Robin (female); Lucina x Robin (male); Marth x Roy; Marth x Ike; Marth x Chrom???
:bulletred: Nintendo OCs/OCs x Nintendo: Still pending...

Let's Players OTPs (with Fictional Characters possibly)

:bulletred: Chuggaaconroy x MaseaAnela
:bulletred: Protonconroy (Chuggaaconroy x ProtonJon) rarely
:bulletred: Chugga x Melia (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Other Fandom OTPs

:bulletred: (DRAMAtical Murder) Aoba x Koujaku; Noiz x Aoba; Koujaku x Noiz; Aoba x Clear; Noiz x Clear; Aoba x Mink; Mink x Koujaku; Aoba x Mizuki; Virus x Trip; Aoba x Ren?? Can't it be there an ultimate DMMD orgy?!

Crack OTPs

:bulletred: Markiplier x Tiny Box Tim (bestest of friends in the whole wide world)
:bulletred: Peanut Butter x Jelly
:bulletred: Chocolate Chip Cookies x Milk
:bulletred: Grape Jelly x Chili Sauce




Amanda Hampe
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States

I'm an artist with talent and skill inside of her.
I love to draw anytime; rain or shine or in the clouds of boredness.
I'm a kind of girl who loves to do mixed media attempts, espeically with eye shadow make-up.
I have a crazy imaginative mind that leads me to more stories and random ideas.
I keep an open mind at times and trying things that are new to me, like painting and digital art.
I am always known with my saying, "I may be strange to you, but that's the way I am."
I leave you now with my final greeting, "Keep on drawing!" :D


Feeling like donating points to support me? Click here to do so! -->… (Very much appreciated it!) :D



Current Residence: Batavia
Favourite genre of music: Everything, except rap
Favourite style of art: Manga/anime, Still life, Realism, Mixed Media
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Shell of choice: Spiral
Wallpaper of choice: Dragon designs
Skin of choice: Just peach
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob Squarepants
Personal Quote: "I may be strange to you, but that's the way I am."


The Greatest of News That Still Persists Hope

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 8:05 AM

The juxtaposed conclusion is upon me, and by that I mean I received the greatest of news, along with others that made this week less and less dreading.


Finally! No more being trapped in the cycle of limbo consisted of uncertainty and despair. When I got back home from Grandma Joanne’s last weekend, my mother immediately expressed the news and it was the grand moment we were all waiting for. And for reals this time! No pretense! La la la la 

I haven’t seen the place that we will soon be moving to, but I do know, from what mother had told me, that (1) it’s located in the same city we’re currently living in, which means no Fox Run Apartments in St. Charles (thank god), and (2) it’s pretty close by, apparently close to mom’s bank, which means I can do a walking distance to the library, some shops, and even that art place called Water Street Studios. (3) The residence is a 4-apartment complex and we got the lower portion with a nice front patio. It’s about the same size as the house we were living in, so you can imagine how big the complex is, it’s probably a B-rated mansion. Giggle It also (4) comes with a dishwasher but not the washer and dryer (for we will have to go to the local laundry mat place for that for Laundry Day). :XD: As automatically assured that I will enjoy the place as much my mom has, I will be very glad getting out of the three-month limbo. I can list the advantages and benefits over the opposite, and that’s enough for me to have hope maintaining. Nod 

So, now the question is this: What does this greatest of news means for future Commissions I will offer?

Rest assured that I will open up again once the moving had settled down. Sadly, I will not open shop immediately at the start of August like I planned (because that’s the time I will be moving in and getting this settled and organized, along with other family matters soon to take place, etc). Sweating a little... However, I am hoping to get back to business by the 2nd week of August (starting Monday 10th), in addition of commissions, Art Trades will be open as well since I will love to be at doing again. In the meantime, the current art status remains the same, but a re-open will be coming soon.  

To end this entry with much of a happier note, here below is the set of minor news that happened to make my life more rejoice, and perhaps a bit more interesting:

I have a great time at the family reunion two weekends ago, mainly because my one-year boyfriend had a great time meeting family relatives and one of them happened to be as a gaming and animation nerd like himself. A perfect match in heaven, and we exchanged contacts to remain in touch. A Grab-Bag game is a new feature of the event, where you can put in any gift in a brown paper bag and you received whatever in the bag you picked. It reminds me of the White Elephant game I participate during Christmas, it’s something like that. In an amusing way, I managed to won a twenty-year old pair of the historical famous Billy Beer, in connection of former President Jimmy Carter’s brother whose name was Billy. But more importantly, I GOT BEER! I am a dummy! 

With the sponsorship from the organization Unbound, my mother adopted a son from Peru. Hearing this after hearing about the move had surprised me and I was happy to enlighten about my adoptive little brother, whose name is Jheen. We are planning to introduce ourselves with letters and photos for him, and of course, this means handcrafted special birthday and Christmas greetings cards for Jheen, which I am happy to make them. I spent the entire yesterday making one and soon it will be sent. Meow :3

My Aunt Marianne was hosting a Garage Sale at her home in Carol Stream last weekend, and it was a success. :w00t: We dominated making very reasonable sales and sold almost half of what we started with. I managed to sell most of the stuff I no longer needed, and what’s so cool that one of the customers really loved my painted aluminum cans for they are creative in her eyes. I was moved and probably blushing. I think I've fainted. Whether the case, it’s surely a sign that I should and must continue making those things, and $25.00+ I earned will contribute that future project. Nod 

I recently learned that the DRAMAtical Murder anime will get an English Dub made possible by Sentai Filmworks. All I need to do is to tell them Shut Up and Take My Money, for I am seriously planning to get the DVD set when it comes out on the 24th of November. I think that’s the release date, but until then or soon, my body is ready! :w00t: Come at me Sentai, I'M HYPED! :eager:

And finally, Markipiler, the King of Five Nights At Freddy’s (and STILL is), just played through the terrifyingly and perhaps the most scariest game in the world, FNAF 4. Oh my god, watching through the entire LP already convinced me that this game is scary as shit! :o (Eek) The nightmare versions of the classic animatronics; no cameras and being in the dark equipped only with a flashlight; and even learning about another appealing lure that leads to create more questions than answers. I will not bring any spoilers, but let’s say that the cold case of The Bite of ’87 will be reopened with a new unlikely suspect. I’m still struggling to decide whether the game is the prequel to FNAF 2 or the sequel to FNAF 3 thanks to that. CURSE YOU! One thing for sure, the creator Scott Cawthon knows how to make such a terrify game.

That’s all the update I bestowed upon you guys. I must go to prepare finally for the move and looking forward to living that place. In the meantime, great week to you all and always keep on drawing! :D

  • Mood: Hope
  • Listening to: VVVVVV Predestined Fate Remix
  • Watching: Soon Part 6 of Mark's FNAF's 4 LP
  • Drinking: Iced Mocha with Almond Cream (SO GOOD)

The awesome Lolliwusel is hosting her 100 Watchers Raffle! Check out her work and enter to win! :D 

1 deviant said Her Journal Entry here -->
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No deviants said I'M NOT LYING! :eager:

CURRENT ART STATUS (updated 05/04/15)

Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke Point Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke Trades - On Hold by SweetDuke
ACEOs - Closed by SweetDuke Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Gifts - Closed by SweetDuke
No Collaborations by SweetDuke No Kiribans by SweetDuke

:bulletpurple: Current Commissions (both Points and Paypal) and Art Trades BEFORE April 30th, 2015 will be put ON HOLD due to the move and other issues that may surfaced. You can still NOTE me for a future commission, but please do expect heavy delays and long time for me working on them. Thank you for understanding. :)

LadyJuxtaposition's COMMISSIONS INFORMATION by LadyJuxtaposition LadyJuxtaposition's COMMISSIONS INFO W/ PAYPAL by LadyJuxtaposition Paypal by Th3EmOo PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers

:bulletred: Closings are due to the possible busyness I will have in real life events such as driving, job hunting, and art-related projects on Deviantart and Eyes on Final Fantasy.

:bulletblack: I'm sorry my friends, the kiriban part is a little complicated for me to understand. And I had no idea how to set it up (if I do, then maybe I would consider hosting it).




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