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Fanart/Original Characters: Detailed Sketch
Point Commish: Garland Levitan from SoDaL by LadyJuxtaposition
PC: Conflict Against Heartless Darksides (DPS) by LadyJuxtaposition
Xenoblade Chronicles sketch 8 by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Medium --> Graphite drawing pencils with a little digital touch-up

:bulletblack: Choice of Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 

:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please)
Also, please mention if you want only a line drawing or a shade drawing 

:bulletblack: Extra payment of +25 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D
Fanart/Original Characters: Achromatic Line/Shade Drawing
Bartz, the REAL Mime by LadyJuxtaposition
Contest Prize: Professor Hojo Lineart by LadyJuxtaposition
2013 Color Page: The Snow Came Down by LadyJuxtaposition
Seraphim210's OC Hexen lineart by LadyJuxtaposition
2013 Color Page: Lady of Holly Poinsettias by LadyJuxtaposition
PC: Yogi Bear Meets Kid Icarus (ALSD) by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Art Medium --> Ink Pens and Charcoal pencils / sticks with a little digital touch-up
:bulletblack: Your choice of a Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 
:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please)
Also, please mention if you want only a line drawing or a shade drawing 
:bulletblack: Extra payment of +50 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D

Fanart/Original Characters: Chromatic Colored Drawing
Cecil Harvey's Request: CloseFriends Kain and Rosa by LadyJuxtaposition
JTC VIII Sandra Sands ~colored sketch~ by LadyJuxtaposition
Geomone Twins: Kuja and Tyra Arisa by LadyJuxtaposition
Tidus' Request: Him and His Summoner Yuna by LadyJuxtaposition
Final Fantasy Dissidia 014: Juxtaposition Theory by LadyJuxtaposition
AT: Pitcest Hot Springs by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Art Medium --> Colored Pencils and pastels, and other various materials ex. gel pens, with a little digital touch-up
:bulletblack: Your choice of Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 
:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please) 
:bulletblack: Extra payment of +75 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D

Newest Deviations

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Within here you will wonder about through deviations conceived from the minds of an aspiring artist.

Feel free to explore!

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My favorite pieces. . . most of them are from my watchers and other great artists on Deviantart! :D

CURRENT ART PROJECTS (updated 11/25/2015)


Key Legend:

0% Complete by SimplySilent / No Star = 0-24% Completion

:bulletblack: Had not started on the artwork yet
:bulletblack: Still rough drafting ideas
:bulletblack: Reached process of transfering onto quality drawing paper

25% Complete by SimplySilent / :star: = 25-49% Completion

:bulletblue: Artwork is transfered
:bulletblue: Lines are revised and inked

50% Complete by SimplySilent / :star::star: = 50-74% Completion

:bulletred: Pencil marks are erased; artwork is clean
:bulletred: Coloring/Shading stage is reached

75% Complete by SimplySilent / :star::star::star: = 75-99% Completion

:bulletgreen: Started on background (if mentioned/wanted)
:bulletgreen: Finishing the final touches
:bulletgreen: Digital editing process reached

100% Complete! by SimplySilent / :star::star::star::star: = 100% Completion

:bulletblack: Artwork is DONE!
:bulletblack: Artwork will soon be posted
:bulletblack: A NOTE/comment will be sent to reminder requester/winner OR deviant's name will be mentioned under artwork description.



1) :iconfoxsatton: No Star Yet = 24% Completion
Point Commissioned CHD Drawing of Little Mac and Wii Fit Trainer (female) in a "Juxta-Switched" scenario. No spoilers this time, want this to be a surprise. ;)
Preliminary sketch created; Payment not yet received
0% Complete by SimplySilent

Art Trades & ACEOs:

1) :iconcrimsonseal: :star: = 25% Completion
Art Traded a quick drawing of her non-canon Lucreica Crescent from FFLW in exchange for my OC Lucaria Taylor Valentine
Pencil lines still remain, questioning whether to go for markers or pastels.
25% Complete by SimplySilent

Contest Prizes:

1) :icondarkie4eva: :star::star: = 70% Completion
Won 1st Place in KIU Fanart Contest; Requested a CHD of a favorite OTP Ike x Zelgius from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Responded to NOTE and accepted request; sketch complete and transferred; coloring process has started
50% Complete by SimplySilent

Deviantart-Related Projects & Contests:

1) HOLIDAY CARD PROJECT 2015 --> It's that time of the season again! :D
Planning to design at least two Christmas cards this year, in addition of reusing the recent ones from 2014 in order to spread the joy and love this season.
More info about this project here:

Personal Art Projects:

1) TOP SECRET project --> mostly of conceptual drawings and characters in addition of practiced drawings of dynamic poses.
2) HOILDAY-RELATED STUFF --> maybe greeting cards and painting ornaments as usual??

Other Art Projects:

None at the moment

<3 MY OTPs (One-True-Pairs) LIST! <3

:love: :heart: *This list is getting longer man!* :heart: :love:

Final Fantasy OTPs (with OCs):

:bulletred: FFII: Firion x Maria; Firion x Lelia; Firion x Minwu; Minwu x Hilda; Emperor Mateus x Hilda (for my OC Lily)
:bulletred: FFIV: Cecil x Rosa (for my OC Luna); Rydia x Edge; Edward x Anna
:bulletred: FFVII: Zack x Aerith; Cloud x Tifa; Cid x Shera; Vincent x Lucerica (for my OC Lucaria); Valenwind (Cid x Vincent, my first Yaoi pairing!); Drenzel x Marlene; Tsegi x Elena; Cloud x Zack; Sephiroth x Genesis; Angeal x Genesis
:bulletred: FFVIII: Squall x Rinoa (a forced canon but they are good together, and one of my OCs is their future daughter); Quistis x Irvine; Selphie x Irvine (seriously, Irvine can date all girls; he's much as a bloody pimp as Bartz!); Laguna x Raine (b/c of Squall); Laguna x Kiros (...just happened by accident)
:bulletred: FFIX: Zidane x Garnet; Vivi x Quinoa; Steiner x Beatrix; Ruby x Blank
:bulletred: FFX: Tidus x Yuna; Wakka x Lulu; Auron x ??? (he needs to get a woman, or a man ;) )
:bulletred: FFXIII: Lightning x Caius; Snow x Serah; Lightning x Hope; Noel x Serah
:bulletred: Dissidia: Warrior of Light x Cosmos; Emperor Mateus x Ultimecia; Cloud of Darkness x Exdeath; Jecht x Kuja; Terra x Onion Knight; Laguna x Cloud of Darkness; Firion x Lightning; Firion x Tidus; Cecil x Firion; Bartz x Squall; Cloud x Terra; Vaan x Terra; Goblez x Kain; Cecil x Kain
:bulletred: FF OCs/OCs x FF: Randi Sin x Tyra Arisa; Randi Sin x Yuna; Lily x Minwu; Lily x Mephistopheles; Mephistopheles x Sephiroth; Emperor Mateus x Mephistopheles; Marisa x Bartz or Gilgamesh; Amanda x Firion; Firion x Lily; Kuja x Amanda; Kirby Ribbon x Onion Knight

Nintendo OTPs (with OCs possibly):

:bulletred: Super Smash Bros: Mario x Peach; Link x Zelda; Link x Pit; Marth x Roy; Marth x Ike (Marth is very feminine and strong); Samus Aran x Snake; Little Mac x Female Wii Trainer; Little Mac x Samus Aran; Lucina X Robin; Shulk x Robin (both genders); Kirby x Jigglypuff; Kirby x Luma; Meta Knight x Lucina; Lucina x Pit; Pit x Dark Pit; Palutena x Rosalina; Link x Palutena
:bulletred: Super Mario Bros: Mario x Peach; Luigi x Daisy; Mario x Yoshi (as companions); Toad x Toadette
:bulletred: Legend of Zelda: Link x Zelda; Link x Ruto (b/c of Zora's Sapphire in Ocarina of Time); Link x Malon; Ravio x Hilda; Link x Ravio; Link x Tetra; Link x Midna; Renado x Telma; Yeto x Yeta; Colin x Beth; Link x Illa
:bulletred: Kirby Series: Kirby x Ribbon (Kirby 64 TCS)
:bulletred: Star Fox: Fox x Krystal; Falco x Katt; Krystal x Panther; Slippy x Amanda (not me, official character in Command)
:bulletred: Kid Icarus (Uprising): Pit x Dark Pit; Pit x Palutena (mother-son); Pit x Viridi; Magnus x Gaol; Hades x Pandora; Medusa x Pandora
:bulletred: Xenoblade Chronicles: Shulk x Fiora; Reyn x Sharla; Ewan x Martyona; Dunban x Melia; Shulk x Melia; Shulk x Alvis; Riki x Oka; Riki x Reyn (AS FRIENDS!); Riki x Melia; Pelupelu x Miko; Zarkkort x Bozatrox; Zanza x Meyneth???
:bulletred: Fire Emblem: Marth x Shiida; Chrom x Robin (female); Lucina x Robin (male); Marth x Roy; Marth x Ike; Marth x Chrom???
:bulletred: Nintendo OCs/OCs x Nintendo: Still pending...

Let's Players OTPs (with Fictional Characters possibly)

:bulletred: Chuggaaconroy x MaseaAnela
:bulletred: Protonconroy (Chuggaaconroy x ProtonJon) rarely
:bulletred: Chugga x Melia (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Other Fandom OTPs

:bulletred: (DRAMAtical Murder) Aoba x Koujaku; Noiz x Aoba; Koujaku x Noiz; Aoba x Clear; Noiz x Clear; Aoba x Mink; Mink x Koujaku; Aoba x Mizuki; Virus x Trip; Sei x Mizuki; Sei x Clear; Aoba x Ren?? Can't it be there an ultimate DMMD orgy?! Haga x Yoshie; Toue x Tae; Naine x Haruka
:bulletred: (One-Punch-Man) Saitama x Genos; Genos x Sonic; perhaps Saitama x Genos x Sonic as OT3?
:bulletred: (Undertale) Dr. Alphys x Undyne; Toriel x Asgore; Frisk x Papyrus (because of that dating fight)

Crack OTPs

:bulletred: Markiplier x Tiny Box Tim (bestest of friends in the whole wide world)
:bulletred: Peanut Butter x Jelly
:bulletred: Chocolate Chip Cookies x Milk
:bulletred: Grape Jelly x Chili Sauce
:bulletred: Pastels x Charcoal x Ink Pens (OT3)
:bulletred: ME x MY BED x Husbando/Waifu (OT3)




Amanda Hampe
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States

I'm an artist with talent and skill inside of her.
I love to draw anytime; rain or shine or in the clouds of boredness.
I'm a kind of girl who loves to do mixed media attempts, espeically with eye shadow make-up.
I have a crazy imaginative mind that leads me to more stories and random ideas.
I keep an open mind at times and trying things that are new to me, like painting and digital art.
I am always known with my saying, "I may be strange to you, but that's the way I am."
I leave you now with my final greeting, "Keep on drawing!" :D


Feeling like donating points to support me? Click here to do so! -->… (Very much appreciated it!) :D



Current Residence: Batavia (Second-Life version)
Favourite genre of music: Everything, except rap
Favourite style of art: Manga/anime, Semi-Realism, & Mixed Media
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Shell of choice: Spiral with Spikes
Wallpaper of choice: Dragon designs and/or Earthy Tone Hues (greens, browns, yellows)
Skin of choice: Just peach, Human-skin peace
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob Squarepants
Personal Quote: "I may be strange to you, but that's the way I am."


Recent Updates from a Fangirl

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 13, 2015, 3:42 PM

Hello everyone! Hi! I hope you guys are having a great start to November and had an awesome Halloween month of October. My Halloween was fun due to having a successful crafted costume, got a can of root beer from my tricks-or-treats and drank it on that same night, and went to my friend’s house for a party and watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is FRICKING AMAZING! I LOVE IT! :love: I really cannot wait for next year, but now it’s time to think about the holidays and start preparing for them.

**I’m not one of those people who started to put up Christmas decorations and playing Christmas songs way before Thanksgiving or even before Halloween. That is super crazy and who ever does it?!?! Really?! Disbelief I know it’s good to get a headstart to avoid any possible mishaps and headache, and I hold nothing against that, but seriously, let’s get to the decorating after Black Friday at least! (Okay, ending small rant here).** Sweating a little...

Before tackling the serious stuff, let’s get the random stuff out of the way first.

Recent fandoms I got into are these:

(Undertale) – Thanks to the recent Steam Train’s LP of that game, I learned to fall in love with the characters and the music in pure pixelated style. Importantly, Undertale is one of those RPGs that are surely unique in due of not only the characters, the music, and the atmosphere, but also the battle tactics. That is something I had never seen before or see it in action. As the child (the main character protagonist), you can choose to fight the monsters or spare them by acting in a certain way that guarantees a successful mercy. Basically, you can choose to take the genocide or the pacifist route and the ending will depend on the route you take. I stayed hooked to the game mostly because of the fighting tactics and humorous dialogue for each and every monster interaction. It’s just so beautiful. And I still have that Bonetrousle and Death By Glamour theme songs stuck in my head. Those tunes are my jam! B-) (Cool) 

(One-Punch Man) – Thanks to that love child of Noiz and Clear (you OPM and DMMD fans know who I’m talking about, that cyborg Genos), Wink/Razz I recently got into watching episodes of that action-packed anime which captivated my eyes and attention. I didn’t read the manga and webcomic of it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the animation of it. The visuals were truly breathtaking and the effects really impressive. :wow: I enjoyed it nevertheless; so much so I did some fanarts and sketches on characters like Saitama and of course Genos. I will post the sketches here as a collage when I get the chance.

(Super Smash Bros 4) – because CLOUD IS IN SMASH!!! Woohooooo! Holy smokes, at the end of that Nintendo Direct video, I was slowly freaking out and preparing to throw f-bombs in case I’m actually seeing the Buster Sword welder fighting other Nintendo characters like a boss. Turns out the possible DLC is not a joke but rather a real fantasy. I’m still freaking out over this, but I am forever happy that Cloud is in Smash. La la la la I just knew that Dissidia and Smash are so similar! And Cloud in Smash is now the proof! I was not dreaming, am I?
Now that Cloud is officially a Smash character, expect a lot of submissions of Cloud-related fanarts from me to numerous Smash clubs I’ve joined here, because exposure for the win. B-) (Cool)  And also to show that Cloud still have fans, including myself.

Holy smokes, Cloud is in Smash. This is the history of forever! :happybounce: 


Now, with that out of the way, time to get serious with this update.

First off! Updates regarding of art prizes I still own to people here.

1) Darkie4Eva :star::star: = 70% Completion 50% Complete by SimplySilent
2) IvanSonicStory :star::star::star: = 90% Completion 75% Complete by SimplySilent
3) RandomVoxai :star::star::star::star: = 100% Completion100% Complete! by SimplySilent

Two of the three works are in full completion and are soon to be posted with their usernames mentioned and receiving NOTE from me. I am hopeful to have all debts paid in full by the end of this month, and after that, no more offering prizes the next month because the holidays. Again, to my prize receivers, thank you forever much for your patience and understanding. You guys rock! :w00t:

Art-wise, I’ve been busy creating and experimenting things. For instance, this week I had practiced doing pixel art and studied on pixelated sprites and try to create them on my own. I was not expecting much, but after seeing the results had me realized I got potential. Just need more practice and study, so I shall continue doing so. I shall grow! CURSE YOU! Probably by the end of the month, I’ll post a collage of my practiced pixel arts for you guys to see, and get opinions from as long they are constructive and helpful. Of course, along with the reason of designing a videogame for my dear friend, I am slowly getting into digital art. I’m on that road for sure. :nod: In fact, I think it’s time to start asking for a drawing tablet and possibly a new laptop for this Christmas. I was thinking of asking for Nintendo games, but decided I can purchase them my own. Art is more important for me than videogames as a whole. Just know that next year, I will soon go digital. That time will soon come, I can feel it! B-) (Cool) 

Also, just a head-ups, I’ll soon discuss about my updating schedule for the next year in the next entry, in the nearing end of December after the holidays. In the meantime, I hope you guys are having a good week and a next great weekend coming in your way. Keep on creating awesome stuff! :D  

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Brushes by gvalkyrie

  • Mood: Joy
  • Eating: Chewing Gum
  • Drinking: What Could I Been Drinking? XD

Have you guys ever read/watch One-Punch Man? 

3 deviants said What the heck is One-Punch Man?!
3 deviants said And that Cyborg LOVE CHILD of Noiz and Clear
2 deviants said Yes
2 deviants said No
No deviants said The One with the Adult Caillou KICKING ASS
No deviants said And that Sonic who is NOT a Hedgehog

CURRENT ART STATUS (updated 09/02/15)

Point Commissions - Open by SweetDukeCommissions - Open by SweetDuke
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDukeACEOs - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke
No Requests by SweetDukeNo Collaborations by SweetDuke No Kiribans by SweetDuke

:bulletgreen: Point Commissions and Commissions are back in market! :D If you at all interested in commissioning me, please have the look over the informative charts below and send me a NOTE.

LadyJuxtaposition's COMMISSIONS INFORMATION by LadyJuxtaposition LadyJuxtaposition's COMMISSIONS INFO W/ PAYPAL by LadyJuxtaposition Paypal by Th3EmOo PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers

:bulletyellow: I am still offering art trades for those who fancy one, including ACEOs (Art Trading Cards). Please feel free to send me a NOTE if you're interested. :)

:bulletblue: By Friends Only, friends here on DA and in real life. However, I sometimes leave a random gift for someone because of my random act of generosity, but this is likely rare.

:bulletblack: At this point, I am stopping taking requests. I may do a special request journal entry if I wanted to get more practice drawing figures and what not. But until then, no more free requests. Including collaborations and kiribans.



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