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Juxta-Switching Figure Drawings (Original & Fanart)
[Juxta-Switching] Hero Icarus and Kid of Time by LadyJuxtaposition
[Juxta-Switching] Mishap Before the Brawl by LadyJuxtaposition
:star: Juxta-Switching: An action or process in which two different characters either swap outfits, weaponry or abilities, or anything that allow them to be out-of-character or cosplay as each other, or perhaps both depending on the context. This mostly happens when a fanartist had completely lost his/her mind, or attempted to settle his/her ongoing curiosity.

:bulletblack: Pricing applies between an Achromatic Line/Shade Drawing and a Chromatic Colored Drawing.

:bulletblack: NOTE me the two characters you wanted see "juxta-switched" along with other important details I would need to know (epseically for the OCs and other characters I may be not familiar of. Remember, Knowledge is POWER). 

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D

*This commission info will be advised*
Fanart/Original Characters: Detailed Sketch
Point Commish: Garland Levitan from SoDaL by LadyJuxtaposition
PC: Conflict Against Heartless Darksides (DPS) by LadyJuxtaposition
Xenoblade Chronicles sketch 8 by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Medium --> Graphite drawing pencils with a little digital touch-up

:bulletblack: Choice of Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 

:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please)
Also, please mention if you want only a line drawing or a shade drawing 

:bulletblack: Extra payment of +25 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D
Fanart/Original Characters: Achromatic Line/Shade Drawing
Bartz, the REAL Mime by LadyJuxtaposition
Contest Prize: Professor Hojo Lineart by LadyJuxtaposition
2013 Color Page: The Snow Came Down by LadyJuxtaposition
Seraphim210's OC Hexen lineart by LadyJuxtaposition
2013 Color Page: Lady of Holly Poinsettias by LadyJuxtaposition
PC: Yogi Bear Meets Kid Icarus (ALSD) by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Art Medium --> Ink Pens and Charcoal pencils / sticks with a little digital touch-up
:bulletblack: Your choice of a Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 
:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please)
Also, please mention if you want only a line drawing or a shade drawing 
:bulletblack: Extra payment of +50 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D

Fanart/Original Characters: Chromatic Colored Drawing
Cecil Harvey's Request: CloseFriends Kain and Rosa by LadyJuxtaposition
JTC VIII Sandra Sands ~colored sketch~ by LadyJuxtaposition
Geomone Twins: Kuja and Tyra Arisa by LadyJuxtaposition
Tidus' Request: Him and His Summoner Yuna by LadyJuxtaposition
Final Fantasy Dissidia 014: Juxtaposition Theory by LadyJuxtaposition
AT: Pitcest Hot Springs by LadyJuxtaposition

:bulletblack: Art Medium --> Colored Pencils and pastels, and other various materials ex. gel pens, with a little digital touch-up
:bulletblack: Your choice of Portrait, Half-Figure (bust and torso), or Full-Figure 
:bulletblack: HUMANS ONLY PLEASE! (no humanoids or furries please) 
:bulletblack: Extra payment of +75 points for additional character and/or background.

:star: If interested, please refer to my Point Commissions Charts under my Current Status section on the right of my profile. And send me a NOTE! :D

Newest Deviations

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Within here you will wonder about through deviations conceived from the minds of an aspiring artist.

Feel free to explore!

:iconthanks4favs1::iconthanks4favs2: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinbraiN Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo



My favorite pieces. . . most of them are from my watchers and other great artists on Deviantart! :D

CURRENT ART PROJECTS (updated 02/28/15)


Key Legend:

0% Complete by SimplySilent / No Star = 0-24% Completion

:bulletblack: Had not started on the artwork yet
:bulletblack: Still rough drafting ideas
:bulletblack: Reached process of transfering onto quality drawing paper

25% Complete by SimplySilent / :star: = 25-49% Completion

:bulletblue: Artwork is transfered
:bulletblue: Lines are revised and inked

50% Complete by SimplySilent / :star::star: = 50-74% Completion

:bulletred: Pencil marks are erased; artwork is clean
:bulletred: Coloring/Shading stage is reached

75% Complete by SimplySilent / :star::star::star: = 75-99% Completion

:bulletgreen: Started on background (if mentioned/wanted)
:bulletgreen: Finishing the final touches

100% Complete! by SimplySilent / :star::star::star::star: = 100% Completion

:bulletblack: Artwork is DONE!
:bulletblack: Artwork will soon be posted
:bulletblack: A NOTE/comment will be sent to reminder requester/winner OR deviant's name will be mentioned under artwork description.


Commissions and Contest Prizes

1) :iconvasilina-the-dragon: No Star Yet = 0% Completion
Third Place Winner Achromatic Drawing of Caius and Lightning, or FF/KH character
Will need to NOTE me for the prize.
0% Complete by SimplySilent
2) :iconfoxsatton: No Star Yet = 24% Completion
Point Commissioned CHD Drawing of Little Mac and Wii Fit Trainer (female) in a "Juxta-Switched" scenario. No spoilers this time, want this to be a surprise. ;)
Preliminary sketch created; Payment not yet received
0% Complete by SimplySilent

Art Trades and Requests

1) :iconneo-redranger: No Star Yet = 24% Completion
Special Requested a holiday erotica scene of Neo Red Ranger x Sailor Jupiter. Already mentioned the rough sketch.
0% Complete by SimplySilent
2) :iconjman023: :star::star: = 50% Completion
Requested a conceptual figure drawing of his FFXIII OC Syrus "Fire" Farron; lnked lines completed
50% Complete by SimplySilent
3) :icondavontewagner: No Star Yet = 0% Completion
Art Trade A romantic and soft erotica scene between Shulk and Fiora (Y ES!) in exchange of a dating scene between Reyn and Sharla (ALSO YES!)
Need to create rough sketch
0% Complete by SimplySilent

Deviantart-Related Projects and Contests:

None at the moment

Personal Art Projects:

1) NovaEmpressAmillenia's Dissida 021 OCs
A) Currently Working On --> Rei, the Jewel Summoner and Cosmos Summoner of Firion
Status: No Star Yet = 22% Completion
0% Complete by SimplySilent
B) Soon be Working On --> Shirou, the Martial Artist and Cosmos Summoner of Cecil Harvey
Status: No Star Yet = 0%
0% Complete by SimplySilent

<3 MY OTPs (One-True-Pairs) LIST! <3

:love: :heart: *This list is getting longer man!* :heart: :love:

Final Fantasy OTPs (with OCs):

:bulletred: FFII: Firion x Maria; Firion x Lelia; Firion x Minwu; Minwu x Hilda; Emperor Mateus x Hilda (for my OC Lily)
:bulletred: FFIV: Cecil x Rosa (for my OC Luna); Rydia x Edge; Edward x Anna
:bulletred: FFVII: Zack x Aerith; Cloud x Tifa; Cid x Shera; Vincent x Lucerica (for my OC Lucaria); Valenwind (Cid x Vincent, my first Yaoi pairing!); Drenzel x Marlene; Tsegi x Elena; Cloud x Zack; Sephiroth x Genesis; Angeal x Genesis
:bulletred: FFVIII: Squall x Rinoa (a forced canon but they are good together, and one of my OCs is their future daughter); Quistis x Irvine; Selphie x Irvine (seriously, Irvine can date all girls; he's much as a bloody pimp as Bartz!); Laguna x Raine (b/c of Squall); Laguna x Kiros (...just happened by accident)
:bulletred: FFIX: Zidane x Garnet; Vivi x Quinoa; Steiner x Beatrix; Ruby x Blank
:bulletred: FFX: Tidus x Yuna; Wakka x Lulu; Auron x ??? (he needs to get a woman, or a man ;) )
:bulletred: FFXIII: Lightning x Caius; Snow x Serah; Lightning x Hope; Noel x Serah
:bulletred: Dissidia: Warrior of Light x Cosmos; Emperor Mateus x Ultimecia; Cloud of Darkness x Exdeath; Jecht x Kuja; Terra x Onion Knight; Laguna x Cloud of Darkness; Firion x Lightning; Firion x Tidus; Cecil x Firion; Bartz x Squall; Cloud x Terra; Vaan x Terra; Goblez x Kain; Cecil x Kain
:bulletred: FF OCs/OCs x FF: Randi Sin x Tyra Arisa; Randi Sin x Yuna; Lily x Minwu; Lily x Mephistopheles; Mephistopheles x Sephiroth; Emperor Mateus x Mephistopheles; Marisa x Bartz or Gilgamesh; Amanda x Firion; Firion x Lily; Kuja x Amanda; Kirby Ribbon x Onion Knight

Nintendo OTPs (with OCs possibly):

:bulletred: Super Smash Bros: Mario x Peach; Link x Zelda; Link x Pit; Marth x Roy; Marth x Ike (Marth is very feminine and strong); Samus Aran x Snake; Little Mac x Female Wii Trainer; Little Mac x Samus Aran; Lucina X Robin; Shulk x Robin (both genders); Kirby x Jigglypuff; Kirby x Luma; Meta Knight x Lucina; Lucina x Pit; Pit x Dark Pit; Palutena x Rosalina; Link x Palutena
:bulletred: Super Mario Bros: Mario x Peach; Luigi x Daisy; Mario x Yoshi (as companions); Toad x Toadette
:bulletred: Legend of Zelda: Link x Zelda; Link x Ruto (b/c of Zora's Sapphire in Ocarina of Time); Link x Malon; Ravio x Hilda; Link x Ravio; Link x Tetra; Link x Midna; Renado x Telma; Yeto x Yeta; Colin x Beth; Link x Illa
:bulletred: Kirby Series: Kirby x Ribbon (Kirby 64 TCS)
:bulletred: Star Fox: Fox x Krystal; Falco x Katt; Krystal x Panther; Slippy x Amanda (not me, official character in Command)
:bulletred: Kid Icarus (Uprising): Pit x Dark Pit; Pit x Palutena (mother-son); Pit x Viridi; Magnus x Gaol; Hades x Pandora; Medusa x Pandora
:bulletred: Xenoblade Chronicles: Shulk x Fiora; Reyn x Sharla; Ewan x Martyona; Dunban x Melia; Shulk x Melia; Shulk x Alvis; Riki x Oka; Riki x Reyn (AS FRIENDS!); Riki x Melia; Zanza x Meyneth???
:bulletred: Fire Emblem: Marth x Shiida; Chrom x Robin (female); Lucina x Robin (male); Marth x Roy; Marth x Ike; Marth x Chrom???
:bulletred: Nintendo OCs/OCs x Nintendo: Still pending...

Let's Players OTPs (with Fictional Characters possibly)

:bulletred: Chuggaaconroy x MaseaAnela
:bulletred: Protonconroy (Chuggaaconroy x ProtonJon) rarely
:bulletred: Chugga x Melia (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Crack OTPs

:bulletred: Markiplier x Tiny Box Tim (bestest of friends in the whole wide world)
:bulletred: Peanut Butter x Jelly
:bulletred: Chocolate Chip Cookies x Milk




LadyJuxtaposition's Profile Picture
Amanda Hampe
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States

I'm an artist with talent and skill inside of her.
I love to draw anytime; rain or shine or in the clouds of boredness.
I'm a kind of girl who loves to do mixed media attempts, espeically with eye shadow make-up.
I have a crazy imaginative mind that leads me to more stories and random ideas.
I keep an open mind at times and trying things that are new to me, like painting and digital art.
I am always known with my saying, "I may be strange to you, but that's the way I am."
I leave you now with my final greeting, "Keep on drawing!" :D


Feeling like donating points to support me? Click here to do so! -->… (Very much appreciated it!) :D



Current Residence: Batavia
Favourite genre of music: Everything, except rap
Favourite style of art: Manga/anime, Still life, Realism, Mixed Media
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Shell of choice: Spiral
Wallpaper of choice: Dragon designs
Skin of choice: Just peach
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob Squarepants
Personal Quote: "I may be strange to you, but that's the way I am."


An Update Long-Waited... and Future Plans

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 28, 2015, 9:06 AM
  • Mood: Zest
  • Listening to: Lindsey Stirling
  • Watching: YouTube videos (soon Dmmd)
  • Drinking: Coffee with regular cream
Your Title - version 2.0


Now then, my utter most apologies for a long waited update. I was waiting for assuredness that Net Neutrality was saved by the FCC’s right decision to not give the internet to the cable companies, and I kept the previous journal entry to keep spreading it around in case my watchers from the United States had not gotten the memo. But at this point of time, everyone has been aware and we now soon to hope that Congress will pass the bill that assure the consistency of free internet for all. Now it’s safe and relieved for me to update you guys about my current life situation, both reality and fantasy (and by fantasy, my artistic life as a fanartist and exploring new worlds of videogames and anime, etc.). 


Let’s begin with my family situation, which is mostly of good news that greatly signifies things getting back to normal.

For those who had not been following, my Aunt Roseanne had suffered two strokes following by the tumor in her abdomen, which was the cause of the strokes to begin with. The tumor was successfully removed from her and then was discovered it had cancerous cells. Thankfully, it was removed in time before the cancer was to spread; however, some of it still remained in my aunt, and thus she was diagnosed with Stage 1 Ovarian Cancer. I know how devastating it sounds, but Stage 1 is of better news than the higher stages in addition of removing the cancerous tumor in time before the cells spreading. My before-thoughts were the strokes as the blessing in disguise that tried to alert my aunt of something harmful was going to do to her and her health. I hope I didn’t sound rude or offending, but just know it’s my personal thoughts and those were my beliefs in a positive manner and seeing the good of all things, including the strokes.

After since the diagnosis, precautions were made and appointments for Chemotherapy and additional doctor visits were booked.  As of today, the upcoming is her third Chemotherapy treatment. My Aunt Roseanne described her experience to me, and how she had to take steroids shots to regain her strength and how she was so tired and sick that she would sleep almost all day. The experience of hers was similar to those of my Auntie Susie (who is really one of my cousins) who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and survived through numerous of treatments. Gratefully the thought of going through such treatments were not as terrifying than she had thought, in fact, the only thing she had worried about is losing her hair. We assured her that being bald is not a bad thing; my mom went all of the way to have her own head shaved. For me, I drew people without hair and wearable head accessories. I am thinking of doing a small series related to the sketches some point in the future. For her birthday we got her a wig and a female head mannequin for holding the wig. Since the mannequin is customizable, I will plan to do some designs on it.

In final words, after since going through treatments and rest, my aunt made great recovery and feeling lots better. Most really that she will soon be ready to go back to work and driving. We have no desire to rush things of course, we only desire for her to be well before doing anything hardcore-level such as driving. But we are uttermost glad that both the surgery and the treatments had helped her giving her a second chance to continue living her life. Second chances are truly wonderful gifts that can be presented to us. :nod:

So, based on this above, what do they all mean for us? Things getting back to normal, of course. Well, at least it is still possible. Though my Aunt Roseanne had made great recovery, my mom and I remained still as caregivers for my Grandma Caroline; not only because of my grandma’s condition and mental illness, but also to relieve the unnecessary stress for my aunt. However, we can safely take it easy and I’ll still be a second hand for those who needed it.


Alright, that’s the end of my family situation update. Now you all know I’m still alive and doing some artworks to keep myself occupied and all that good stuff. This brings me to something I wanted to share with you all.

A friendly reminder that I am still opened for Commissions!

Thanks to Paypal and from the people who had experienced with that alternative paying service, I finally got approved and I am just ready to make some dough if you know what I mean. ;) But in all seriousness, Paypal is a wonderful paying option tool that allows security and a piece of mind while making online payments and purchasing things online, in addition of sending in and requesting money from people with just an email address. With cyber hacking and identity theft going on in the intern-webs, I feel much safe with Paypal; it’s just awesome.

Anyway, if you by chance wanted to commission me for anything, you are more than welcome to check out the information charts and send me a NOTE. I will highly recommend paying me with Paypal, but please don’t hesitate to pay me with Points if you want to. I’ll accept either those kinds of payments, I won’t be desperate or money-hungry. Just know that Paypal is now a new option for you to choose.

PS: Special shout-out to leothechimera2056, who had been one of my major commissioners for works. I really do appreciate the support and doing business with you in addition of drawing your OCs. I hope to do something as enjoyable as this in the near future. Again, thank you very much.


Today’s Forecast: A Huge Wave of Possible Artworks is issued starting next week…

Yep, I have some art-related plans that involve some fanarts and perhaps some original works (mostly of OCs, big surprise there :XD: ). I recently started another short comic of CC LP o XC (Chuggaaconroy’s Let’s Play of Xenoblade Chronicles) which I hope I will get it fully sketched out. I had put too much thought into it lately. Plus, numerous distractions (thank you YouTube and Game Grumps). :XD:

Then after CC LP o XC, maybe some DRAMAtical Murder fanart? I recently watched the play-throughs on YouTube and I will hope to see the anime of it (which I will soon thanks to The-Evil-Watermelon ). Basically, I slowly got into the fandom because of Noiz x Aoba, mostly Aoba because who doesn’t fall in love easily with long blue-haired dudes such as him? Really! It’s true I’m telling you! This is the fangirl within me speaking! :XD: After seeing at least 20 parts on the play-through, I may do some colored sketches, maybe not, but just in case keep your eyes open for them. (Psst! xBooxBooxBear, next time we art trade you are more than welcome to ask me for some Noiz x Aoba work if you so desired). ;)

As for the fictional characters’ birthdays speed sketches, I had not forgotten about them, but I had to skip some birthdays due to commissions and art trades. But hopefully this March I will produce more just for the fun of it. Plus, with the charcoal and pastels assisting with the markers will inspired me to experiment some techniques and lead me to more Eurkea! moments.


Now we reached the conclusion of this update. For all my watchers and friends on DA and some on Tumblr, thank you very much for understanding and your support for the past four months ever since it had started, and I thank you again for I still have means to not put my life on hold and continued on doing what I love to do while keeping care for my family. Family is one of the most important things in life, and I could not imagined my own without them.

I wish you all a great and warm weekend, and always, always keep on drawing and creating. :D  

After seeing this dress for yourself, and read and watched the science behind it, what do you think the color of it is? 

5 deviants said Black and Blue
4 deviants said Can we just move on please?
3 deviants said White and Gold
3 deviants said Who cares?! It's just a dress! :XD:
2 deviants said Both colors
No deviants said Article on the Dress -->…
No deviants said Science Video on the Dress -->

CURRENT ART STATUS (updated 02/28/15)

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Open by SweetDuke
ACEOs - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Gifts - Closed by SweetDuke
No Collaborations by SweetDuke No Kiribans by SweetDuke

:bulletgreen: I am now open for point commissions and possibly art trades, and FINALLY commissions! This is a long waiting moment and process but it is finally came into reality. :nod: Thus, I updated my commissions information chart in addition of creating another chart that focus on how to commission me with PayPal. So, if you please, check out the charts below! :D

LadyJuxtaposition's COMMISSIONS INFORMATION by LadyJuxtaposition LadyJuxtaposition's COMMISSIONS INFO W/ PAYPAL by LadyJuxtaposition Paypal by Th3EmOo PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers

:bulletyellow: I missed doing Artist Trading Cards and I feel like doing them again sometime in the future. So, if you guys are willing to trade some, just Note Me. :)

:bulletred: Closings are due to the possible busyness I will have real life events such as driving, job hunting, and art-related projects on Deviantart and Eyes on Final Fantasy.

:bulletblack: I'm sorry my friends, the kiriban part is a little complicated for me to understand. And I had no idea how to set it up (if I do, then maybe I would consider hosting it).




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